Moving by Appointment


  • I was given an Evening Energiser session with Jon as a birthday present from my family - they were tired of hearing me talk about de-cluttering my flat and never quite getting round to doing anything about it! I'm a natural hoarder and had accumulated much too much in too little space for too long. It turned out that the Evening Energiser was only the beginning - we've worked through each room as well as tackling clothes and paperwork and I am now the proud owner of a shredder! The biggest surprise for me was just how enjoyable the process has been. Thank you Jon!

    K.I. HR Manager
  • With one of us on tour and the other working all hours, the clutter in our flat was getting pretty overwhelming. Then Jon arrived wielding different coloured bin bags and effortlessly turned our mad-as-a-bag-of-spiders mess back into a home again. We brought him back later to sort out the studio, which he did amazingly and all in an afternoon! I can't recommend John highly enough, and I dread to think where we'd be without him. Still looking for the floor, probably.

    David Catlin-Birch & Susy Kane - Musician; Actor and Script-writer
  • I really can't thank you enough. It was just what I needed and has given me the bug to crack on with the rest of the house: Plus it was actually enjoyable.

    Sue Bastow
  • Thanks for the smoothest home move ever. You arranged everything professionally and with such ease.

    Stephen Edwards – Sales Director
  • Yet again you’ve organised or move leaving us the time to concentrate on work and family. Many thanks.

    Kenneth Lawrence – Banking & Finance Management
  • My paperwork has never been so organised; bills are paid on time and the systems you put in place are working wonders

    Peter Holmes – Marketing and Sales
  • The progress made, with your help - in letting go of some of my un-needed possessions and clothing - which was full of sad memories, has enabled regrowth and a new way of looking at life.

    Catherine Sizer – University of the Arts London
  • I can't believe how organized my rooms are now. I can at last find things!

    Clair Keenan – Busy Housewife and mother
  • Thanks so much, you’ve been exactly what a de-clutterer should be and what you said on the tin – and you can quote me on that! I’m reaping the rewards of your advice all the time.

    Julia Hobsbawm, Chief Executive, Editorial Intelligence Ltd
  • Jon Ramsay was invaluable to me. My house had to be put on the market in a rush and I juggle motherhood, wifehood and also running my own business as a wedding planner,
    hence the house had lost its ‘show home look’!!! In our first four hours together we cleared a huge about into 3 categories:- rubbish, charity, and items to keep and store (properly)!!
    He offers a huge amount of advice on how to store belongings.
    Jon visited me again to sort out my wardrobe, fantastic!!!
    I could not recommend his services highly enough.

    Deborah Meese
  • Wednesday was fabulous; really it was brilliant. The thrill of chucking all that stuff was amazingly liberating: aAnd not a pang of regret over any of it!
    I absolutely couldn’t have done it without you – you made a grim and grotty task a positive event and will certainly recommend you.
    And it doesn’t stop. Your influence is lasting
    – if something isn’t useful or beautiful it goes! Hurrah! Thank you so, so much.

    Julia J.
  • I am a psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist and I accumulate
    a mountain of mail and find it impossible to keep on top of it.
    Under Jon’s help we transformed my office. Yes, I did have a desk under a mountain
    of paper and it is all now filed away or put through the shredder.
    He made a lot of systems recommendations, which have greatly helped me, and I hope never to be in the same untidy state again.

    Anita Hobbs
  • Jon Ramsay runs Clutterbee and I recently got him to come and help me to tackle my home office and the lounge in our house. It was a real encouragement to do it with someone and meant I finally got round to tackling things I had put off for so long. His advice was very practical and we soon had cleared out quite a load and labeled them for the charity shop or the recycling or the bin. Both rooms are much nicer to be in as a result and I will certainly call John when I want to tackle my next room and have no hesitation in recommending him to you.

    Jane Milton
  • The eldest chick had flown the nest and the house was filled to overflowing. With every object loaded with emotional ties, how could we begin to make the most of the new-found space? A friend told me about Clutterbee. One consultation and a few simple philosophies later, I had the impetus to get through the barriers of connection and enjoy the cathartic process of skip-filling; sacks of old toys, notes from university, unwanted books and ugly ornaments. The attic, once creaking, is now clear and organised with the few truly precious boxes that mean so much. The satisfaction of clutter-free living is all thanks to Jon and Clutterbee.

    Rachel Street, Manager (Television)