Moving by Appointment

Home Organising and Office Organising Made Easy!

Our aim is to help you

Organise your Home or Office

Declutter where necessary

Maximise your space with best furniture placement and effective, stylish storage solutions

Working with you we

Create a comfortable atmosphere in which to live, work and relax

Identify and prioritise your prime requirements

Enable you to find things quickly and easily


Paperwork is sorted, filed and indexed.
Confidentiality is important to us all and you'll be given a signed confidentiality agreement.
Arrangements made for shredding of confidential paperwork with a Certificate of Destruction provided


Is there any area of your home that makes you feel uncomfortable as there's too much stuff in too small a space?
Do you have cupboards or drawers you dread going into?
We can help streamline everything!


Lifestyle Coaching
Organising Homes and Workspaces
Sorting and filing of paperwork
Wardrobe Organisation
Personal Shopping
Arrangement and supervision of Trades for refurbishment and repairs
Extra pair of hands to help clear rooms for redecoration etc
Home Styling for Sale or Rental

Evening Energiser!

A 2-3 hour Clutter-Buster! Ideal for getting in the mood to tackle the bigger projects.

Need a Detox Day?

Up to 8 hours. Clear the way for redecorating, selling your home, setting up and staging your buy-to-let property, or organise any room you have in mind.

The Weekender!

Any two consecutive days of 6 hours each. Tackle the bigger projects. The garage; wouldn't it be lovely to park the car in it and leave the drive car-clutter-free? The attic; don't let it drop into the spare room! Do you really know what all's up there? This package is available on any two consecutive days.

Office Overflow?

Drowning in paper?
From experience, we know paperwork takes the most time, hotly followed by boxes of photographs and other memorabilia.
3 - 4 hours will definitely make an impact, and clients have been very pleased with the progress in that time.

Two sessions are probably best: The first to sort through the paperwork, the second to file, organise and build-in future-proof methods of dealing with incoming material.